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North Star Education Ltd. is proud to be a direct link to FCA. Offering up to 27 college credits through partnerships with Marist College and Dutchess Community College, as well as AP and Honors courses for high school students, FCA provides premium and well-rounded education. FCA has been equipping students to be come leaders for more than 40 years as a private K-12 school located in the heart of the Hudson Valley, NY. Approximately 10% of the student body in the high school at FCA is comprised on international students. With small classroom size, students have increased opportunities to seek help from their teachers and peers.

Enrollment for FCA is currently underway. Please contact Angie Chan directly for more details on how to apply and to schedule an interview. angie@northstareducationasia.com

The high schools that NSE Ltd. partner with offer college preparatory education, which are accredited through their respective states. International students are placed in host families while they attend their choice of high school in the United States. All host families are thoroughly pre-screened by our sister company in America, North Star Education Global Consulting, with extensive background checks. Through this living situation the student is fully immersed in English language, culture, family activities and holidays. Living in a host family provides a safe environment for the student as well as a place to call home while they are studying abroad. The students are offered the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular actives such as basketball, cross-country running, softball, volleyball, drama clubs, journalism clubs, etc. The schools are thoroughly vetted by our sister company, North Star Education Global Consulting for the highest standard of integrity, board certified teachers, college preparatory education, advance placement courses and safest location for international students to study. The alumni from the schools which we are a direct link to have attended some of the most renown universities in the world, such as NYU, Columbia University, Cornell University and West Point Military Academy.



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Our mission statement:
The mission of NSE Ltd. is to provide excellent customer service to students and their parents within the realm of education and sports